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Mil-Tac knives

Craig Sword is the founder of Mil-Tac knives and swords, based in Wylie, Texas. He had been working for the military, law enforcement and outdoor sports communities and set the company up in 2005 after 15 years of working with them. For tools and knives that meet face to face with danger each day, you will not be able to find a finer knife anywhere else. Mil-Tac deal with knives, tactical defense pens, rite in the rain notebooks, fixed blade knives, daggers, folders, and rescue tools. They also sell spares, accessories and apparel to complement their main product lines. Here at hand-tools.com we are proud to be able to showcase these outstanding products to you. From their high quality knives through to their tactical rescue cutters, you wont feel disappointed with what you will be getting.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Mil-Tac SRK-1 - MILSRK1001Mil-Tac SRK-1 - MILSRK1001
Mil-Tac SRK-1 Folder. (Search and Rescue). 6 closed linerlock. Black finish N690Co stainless tanto blade with sawback top edge and dual thumb studs. Textured black G-10 handles with integrated seat belt cutter and glass breaker tip. Black finish stainless pocket clip."
Mil-Tac rad35s115 - BRK-MILCS2BG
Mil-Tac Detachment Knife Black - BRK-MILDET1
Mil-Tac Detachmant Knife - BRK-MILDET2
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