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Mcusta knives

Mcusta knives are a result of the decades of the skills of the ancient swordsmiths being passed down for centuries. The knives are made in Seki city, Japan and showcase the cutting edge of modern machinery, practices and traditional workmanship. There is no finer knife than a Mcusta knife which has combined traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern day cutting edge technology. Mcusta utilise a different stamping method to mark their blades. They actually laser cut the components which are also C&C machined to ensure a superb level of fit is guaranteed. The knives are then hand assembled and hand finished before being inspected by the Mcusta inspection team. Seki in Japan is a area renowned for producing fantastic steel because it offers a rich resource of Iron sand, Charcoal and a close proximity to water, all vital ingredients for superior products. Review the range of high quality Mcusta knives below.
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