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McNett knives

McNett have been the leading name when it comes to essentials for adventure for more than 30 years. They have developed a number of products for the outdoor environment, and stock such items as camouflage protection, water filter bottles that filter out 99% of harmful pathogens etc. (ideal when in the wilderness), microfiber towels, footwear repair and care and also tactical repair and care. When you are out and about you need to know that the products you have with you are actually going to be useful. Well thankfully the McNett range of products go way beyond useful and really do make life easier, especially during difficult unexpected times which invariably crop up. Whether it is scuba diving, fishing, travel or camping, the Mcnett products have to undergo extensive testing under difficult field test situations. This means they get tested from the rugged Pacific Northwst through to the Nepal heights and even to the jungles of the Amazon basin. If you need to survive and prosper then make sure you have McNett on your side.
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