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McNett knives

McNett have been the leading name when it comes to essentials for adventure for more than 30 years. They have developed a number of products for the outdoor environment, and stock such items as camouflage protection, water filter bottles that filter out 99% of harmful pathogens etc. (ideal when in the wilderness), microfiber towels, footwear repair and care and also tactical repair and care. When you are out and about you need to know that the products you have with you are actually going to be useful. Well thankfully the McNett range of products go way beyond useful and really do make life easier, especially during difficult unexpected times which invariably crop up. Whether it is scuba diving, fishing, travel or camping, the Mcnett products have to undergo extensive testing under difficult field test situations. This means they get tested from the rugged Pacific Northwst through to the Nepal heights and even to the jungles of the Amazon basin. If you need to survive and prosper then make sure you have McNett on your side.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
McNett Outgo Microfiber Towel - MCN68135McNett Outgo Microfiber Towel - MCN68135
McNett Outgo Microfiber Towel - MCN68134McNett Outgo Microfiber Towel - MCN68134
McNett Saturna Outdoor & Dive Knife - MCN60160McNett Saturna Outdoor & Dive Knife - MCN60160
McNett Saturna Outdoor & Dive Knife. 6 3/4 overall. 3" 420 stainless double bevel blade with serrated top edge and standard bottom edge with line cutter. Blunt tip blade. Black form fitting, slip reisistant rubberized handles with McNett inlay shield. Knife can completely disassemble for easy cleaning. Lanyard hole. Black Kydex belt sheath. Designed to be either leg mounted or vest mounted on a B.C.D. or personal flotation devices. Can be used for all outdoor activities including rafting, kayaking, search and rescue, scuba diving, camping, hunting, fishing and more."
McNett Frontier Pro Portable Filter - MCN42105McNett Frontier Pro Portable Filter - MCN42105
McNett Frontier Pro Portable Water Filter. Provides all the benefits of a larger bottle filter in a package the size of a compact flashlight. Straw style filter attaches directly to water bottles, bladders, cups, hydration packs or directly from the water source. Attached cap keeps mouthpiece clean. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Flexible Integrated Strap Grip" secures cap to filter when not in use and allows for easy cap removal. Bite Me valve can also be removed to use as hanging drip filter. Replacement pre-filters lengthen filter life. Filters up to 50 gallons with no wait time. Miraguard Antimicrobial Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media. Miraguard does not protect users against food borne or disease causing bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease causing organisms. Weighs: 2 oz. (dry). Includes Frontier Pro, universal 28mm thread/tube adapter, UQC adapter, draw tube, (4) prefilters, storage pouch and operation instructions."
McNett Camo Form Self Cling Wrap - MCN19600McNett Camo Form Self Cling Wrap - MCN19600
McNett Camo Form Self Cling Wrap - MCN19503McNett Camo Form Self Cling Wrap - MCN19503
McNett Camo Form Self Cling Wrap - MCN19501McNett Camo Form Self Cling Wrap - MCN19501
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