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Marksman slingshots

Marksman slingshots are an innovative range of high quality adjustable slingshots which feature the finest quality latex bands and a positive grip leather launching pouch. These slingshots give more power and more fun. The Marksman company also manufacture and sell a range of other products such as air pistols, air rifles, ammo and accessories, and lasersoft products. You will find tapered band slingshots, ΒΌ inch steel shots, 030 cal steel shots, folding slingshots and a number of related items as well. This exciting company are based in Huntington beach CA.If you are looking to get into slingshots for fun, sport or for hunting, then a professional grade slingshot by Marksman will certainly help you improve your game. Stay safe and always wear protective eyewear.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Marksman Hunting Shot - MA3138Marksman Hunting Shot - MA3138
Marksman Hunting Shot. 3/8 diameter steel hunting shot. 75 count. For use with all Marksman slingshots."
Marksman Laserhawk Talon Shot - MA3130Marksman Laserhawk Talon Shot - MA3130
Marksman Laserhawk Talon Shot. 30 caliber slingshot ammo. Plated steel shot. 150 count. Hang packaged.
Marksman Hunting Shot - MA3100Marksman Hunting Shot - MA3100
Marksman Hunting Shot. 1/4 diameter steel hunting shot. 250 count. For use with all Marksman slingshots."
Marksman Tapered Band Slingshot - MA3055Marksman Tapered Band Slingshot - MA3055
Marksman Slingshot. Tapered Band Slingshot. Tempered steel yoke and arm support with built-in ammo pouch. High impact finger grooved plastic handle. Tapered bands provide 30% greater velocity. Folding design for easy carrying and storage.
Marksman Folding Slingshot - MA3040Marksman Folding Slingshot - MA3040
Marksman Folding Slingshot. Tempered steel yoke and arm support. High impact finger grooved plastic handle.
Marksman Classic II Slingshot - MA3027Marksman Classic II Slingshot - MA3027
Marksman Slingshot Classic II. Tempered steel yoke. Highest quality tubular thrust bands. Black high impact plastic finger groove handle. Will shoot 1/4 and 3/8" steel shot."
Marksman Air Pistol BB Repeater - BRK-MA1018
Marksman .177 Air Pistol - BRK-MA1020
Marksman Marksman Air Rifle Combo .177 - BRK-MA2063
Marksman Marksman Air Rifle Combo .177 - BRK-MA2096
Marksman Laserhawk Trad Slingshot Kit - BRK-MA3030K
Marksman Carbon Arrow Kit - BRK-MA3376
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