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Maglite flashlights

Maglite is a brand name of Mag Instrument, a company formed by Anthony Maglica in 1955. This was one American dream that got fulfilled. The Maglite flashlight is now an icon of classic American design and will go down in the history books forever. Anthony Maglica had a totally endearing quality in that he had a fantastic customer service philosophy and also had the tenacity to keep going until he got the exact product he dreamed of. His dogged determination paid off and this strategy created a worldwide demand. He was born in New York to his Croatian mother and returned to Croatia with his mother for a period of time before escaping back to America, working as a machinist to save money for a lather. He then created products for various industries including the military and aerospace industries. In 1974, Mag Instruments became incorporated and introduced the Maglite flashlight in 1979, setting many standards which few have been able to follow. One of the best in the world. Enjoy these high quality precision flashlights by browsing our listings below.
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