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Light My Fire

Designed by J. Nordwall, the light my fire brand is an exciting and innovative brand name who make some fantastic fire lighting products. There are the fire starter sticks and fire kindling ina tin products and even their Sporks, which is a plastic disposable spoon, knife and fork all in one. “We sell fire” is the message behind Light my fire. They specialise in vibrant colored, fresh and funky outdoor accessories which are equally at home in the wild as they are in the city. Whether it is for a barbecue or for a camp fire,Light My Fire can help. They make innovative fire starters, tinder dust, tinder sticks, spill free cups and lots more besides. Innovation meets the open road and the raging heart. Time to ignite your passion for the desire to be able to create fire.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife - LMF00574Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife - LMF00574
Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife - LMF00571Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife - LMF00571
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Scout - LMF00431Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Scout - LMF00431
Light My Fire FireSteel 20LMF0042812000 Strikes!Light My Fire FireSteel 20LMF0042812000 Strikes!
Here is a really fascinating idea. It is the Light My Fire Fire Steel 2.0, model number LMF00428. This particular model is the Orange colored version. There are a whole host of other colors to choose between.
Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Army - LMF00427Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel Army - LMF00427
Light My Fire Titanium Spork Dishwasher Safe LMF00166Light My Fire Titanium Spork Dishwasher Safe LMF00166
This is the Light My Fire Titanium Spork, model number LMF00166, technology and innovation brought together to make life easier for anyone undertaking outdoor activities. Life should not be difficult so why not keep a little bit of innovation at your side to make each day a little bit easier.
Light My Fire TinderSticks - LMF00111Light My Fire TinderSticks - LMF00111
Light My Fire Maya Sticks. Made from Pino de Ocote, a fatwood pine cultivated in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico. Easy to light, even when wet and produce an extremely hot flame. Use 1-2 sticks to quickly light your fire or BBQ. All natural. Environmentally friendly.
Light My Fire Spork 4 Pack Green Red Yellow Blue 36gLight My Fire Spork 4 Pack Green Red Yellow Blue 36g
If you've heard about the Light My Fire Spork then be prepared to have four times the fun with this four pack of Sporks, product code LMF00033. Famed for being heat resistant these colorful cutlery concepts are lightweight and great looking.
Light My Fire Large Spork 2 Pack - BRK-LMF00279
Light My Fire Swedish Fireknife Green - BRK-LMF00573
Light My Fire Swedish Fireknife Orange - BRK-LMF00575
Light My Fire Tinder On A Rope - BRK-LMF00580
Light My Fire Grandpa’s Firegrill - BRK-LMF00674
Light My Fire Mealkit Black - BRK-LMF00684
Light My Fire Mealkit Cyan - BRK-LMF00685
Light My Fire Mealkit Red - BRK-LMF00686
Light My Fire Mealkit Green - BRK-LMF00687
Light My Fire Mealkit Orange - BRK-LMF00689
Light My Fire Lunchkit Orange - BRK-LMF00697
Light My Fire Pack-Up-Cup Green - BRK-LMF00711
Light My Fire Grandpas Firefork 2 Pack - BRK-LMF00798
Light My Fire Sporks with Carrying Case - BRK-LMF00856
Light My Fire Fire Lighting Kit - BRK-LMF00860
Light My Fire Black Pearl Camp Kit - BRK-LMF01061
Light My Fire Spork 80 Piece Display - BRK-LMF10170
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