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LifeHammer rescue

With more than 25 years of experience, LifeHammer is the last word for people who have to encounter stressful situations where they need to break free from a trapped car or vehicle. Every good car or vehicle should keep a lifehammer close to hand. Nobody likes to think it will ever happen to them, and for the vast majority of people it probably wont, but if something was ever to happen where you were trapped in a car, perhaps sinking into water and needed to escape your vehicle, the last thing you need to be able to contend with is a trapped seat belt or a window that wont budge. The Netherlands made LifehMammer range allows you to easily cut througha trapped seat belt and smash the car window with a single strike of the breaker. These products have been tested and approved by many public safety organisations worldwide. Complete peace of mind can be purchased. When you really need it, make sure youve got one with you. You can buy the LifeHammer Rescue tool, or the keychain version. If you are in a sinking or burning vehicle locate the tool by looking for its luminescent pen, hook the seatbelt into your blade and pull up and down. Then strike the glass like a household hammer and one or two strikes is usually enough, and then escape. Stay safe, get yourself a lifehammer, even if you never have to use, its better to be safe than sorry.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Lifehammer Safety Hammer Plus Orange - BRK-LHR00602Lifehammer Safety Hammer Plus Orange - BRK-LHR00602
Lifehammer Safety Hammer Evolution - BRK-LHR00603Lifehammer Safety Hammer Evolution - BRK-LHR00603
Lifehammer Safety Hammer Yellow - BRK-LHR00611Lifehammer Safety Hammer Yellow - BRK-LHR00611
Lifehammer Safety Hammer Orange - BRK-LHR00612Lifehammer Safety Hammer Orange - BRK-LHR00612
Lifehammer SMART Safety Hammer - BRK-LHR00622

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