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Knotty Boys

Knotty boys survival gear are a company based in Bristol, Tn and deal with surplus military gear, knives, paracord and accessories than include the much loved knotty boys survival bracelets. Paracord (or 550 cord) is a rope that is light in weight made using Nylon Kernmantle and was originally designed for, and used by the parachutes in world war 2. The troopers soon realised that the cord had a whole myriad of other uses, and because of its versatility it has found its way into many different areas of life, so much so that you can even purchase rolls of paracord these days. Both military and civilians can purchase paracord, and it has even been into space on the STS-32 space mission, being used by astronauts on the second space mission to repair the hubble space telescope, so there really is a lot of good things that can be said about this strong material. You can now get bracelets made using paracord, and they double up as an emergency supply of paracord whenever it is needed when away from home. There are single band bracelets, double band bracelets, two tone bracelets in both single and double format. If you intend to be outdoors in any sort of expedition or think you may be in a survival situation then carrying a Knotty Boys survival bracelet will be a comforting reminder that you have all the help you can get right with you.
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Knotty Boys Buckle - Pink - BRK-KYCPPKnotty Boys Buckle - Pink - BRK-KYCPP

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