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Knock Out hitch covers

Knockout Hitch Covers are a company based out of Orem, Utah and was incorporated in February 2003. They manufacture a wide range of custom hitch covers and license plate frames which have been made using automotive grade recycled plastic, as well as polyurethane gel decals, OEM production and custom production for the automotive industry, so if you need something for your truck or SUV then these fantastic knockout hitchcovers will be a great and welcome purchase. Why bother with an empty hitch hole when you can have superb hitch cover that tells others who you are and what you are about. You can choose from an enormous range of hitch cover designs that include skull and crossbones, confederate flags, original vehicle images such as Chevy, Dodge Ram, Ford etc. Each of their hitch covers are high quality plastic that will not rust, and is molded in a single piece so that it can last for an extremely long length of time. Whether it is the army, cowboys, United States Marines, fire department or any other, there is a knockout hitch cover to suit your needs – and they are also very low in price. We hope you enjoy our range below.
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