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Klotzli scissors

Klotzli are a knife and cutlery company based in Switzerland who have made some incredible knives and scissors during their time in business which dates back as far as 1846 when Johan Ulrich Klotzli of Berdork started the company. Over the dacades they have continued their workmanship through more than five generations of family members. Hans Peter Klotzli took the reins in 1972. These days the company has retail stores in both Bern and Burgdorf in Switzerland, and also they can lay claim to the fact they have produced a number of models for other well known American brands that include the likes of a Spyderco C22 Walker CF knife back in the 90s. Everywhere you go and everything you read, shows that Klotzli are one of the very few European knife manufacturers that still receives a very high level of feedback. They deliver genuine high class quality and customer service. Klotzli are one knife manufacturer you never have to think twice about buying, they are seriously that good! Their knives speak volumes, work extremely well and will last forever, pretty much. It is rare to be this positive about a European knife company, but Klotzli are certainly right up there in the top 10 best knife makers around the world.
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