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Kero knives

Since 1929, Kero knives of Sweden have made some of the finest handmade knives you will ever likely come across. Original since 1929 is their motto, and it certainly shows the quality of the finished products. Their knives are Handmade in Sattajarvi, Sweden and are great looking knives. Kero also offer as range of other merchandise however we are showcasing their knives here because they are some of the finest we have seen, and certainly look great. The materials used are also uniquely exciting, and these include the likes of Curly Birch wood handles, Reindeer hide leather belt straps, high carbon steel, Reindeer Antler, laminated wood and more. Each design is very much a handmade affair, and looks like timeless classic designs. They are all razor sharp and enjoy tough pommels at the rear of the knife along with a well made construction. When you have used Kero knife for some time you will appreciate the quality of the materials and manufacture. Kero offer a nice refreshing change from imitation products which are available on the market.
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