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Ken Warner knives

From one knife enthusiast to another, welcome to the uniquely passionate brand of Ken Warner knives. Ken Warner is as passionate about knives as anybody else in the industry. Some might refer to him as knife nut, but quite simply he has a history of writing about and working with knives. In the 1970s he used to edit and write about knives, and had a piece published in the 1976 Gun Digest. This article had a huge impact in the industry. While editing the Gun Digest he created an annual for the knife fancy, and ended up producing that between 1980 and the year 2000 for DBI books. Knives 81 was the first in that series. For a while, ken Warner actually designed and marketed the Blackjack range of knives. After selling that he replaced it with the range of Ken Warner knives. Ken Warner knives is a brand name of Knifeware, Inc., based out of Greenville WV. Ken Warner realises that the way steel is heat treated and also the geometry of a knife is what turns an ordinary knife into a great knife. People worry too much about various hardness ratings when there really is no need. With the correct heat treatment and geometry,a knife can be superb.
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