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Junglee knives

Junglee knives are a fine brand of cutlery, knives and monoculars and more. The brand is owned by Gutmann Cutlery, Inc. who are also known as Woodstock International Inc. Woodstock was started in 1989 and has enjoyed unprecedented growth, and has even been included in the Inc. 500 list of Americas fastest growing companies for two years in a row. The Junglee brand of knives offer a chance to showcase impressive designs that are on-par with some of the biggest names in knife making but at a fraction of the cost, so the design is there but the hefty price tag is not. They manufacture a range of very high quality knives and jungle swords as well as monoculars and other tools. Its good to see varied brands available so as to appeal to everyones needs, and thankfully the Junglee brand of knives does not fail to impress. Enjoy the offerings listed below.
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