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John Primble knives

A John Primble knife is a fantastic example of a knife dating back to the John Primble India steel works which were in operation between 1890 and 1940. The brand name was a name derived by a William Burke Belknap who set up the Belknap hardware company in Louisville, Kentucky. He ran the company for 40 years before handing the reins to his son William R Belknap to held on for 30 years until he became chairman in 1910. Their line of pocket knives was one of their strongest, and their India steel works knives had the shield which bore the inscription Primble – Goods Of Honor”. Rumor has it that the name of John Primble was actually taken from one of their best performing salesmen, hence we are shown the stamping of John Primble India Steel Works. These early edition knives showed the best in company workmanship, fit,finish, tolerances and of course their fine steel. The quality was superb. While their knives were usually manufactured through a contract with other cutlery companies, each and every knife was manufactured to the exceedingly tough standards imposed by Belknap, and as a result thankfully, their main patterns have provided a good variety for collectors. Enjoy these John Primble knives.
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