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Jaccard knives

Jaccard knives are a brand of knives that are very high quality. They are based out of Orchard Park, NY and strive to provide superior service to every customer. They provide some very exciting and innovative products for the corporate sector, for the home, for the restaurant and for the food processor. With a lifetime replacement guarantee, their ceramic cutlery incorporate the latest slicing technology. Their Meat preparation hand held tenderizers help to improve tenderness, reduce cooking time and increase the rate at which marinade is absorbed, as well as allowing for marinade to be absorbed better. They also develop meat freshness maximisers, safe cook timers and other related accessories such as portable butane cokers and Shish kabob accessories. Even the vegetables are not left behind. They have developed a range of advanced vegetable peelers and a veggie peel product which peels without the mess of peelings. Please take a good close look below, because some of the products really do make you stand up and be a little impressed!
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Jaccard Pigtail Food Flipper Combo - BRK-PTL3PJaccard Pigtail Food Flipper Combo - BRK-PTL3P
Jaccard Super Tendermatic - JC200348Jaccard Super Tendermatic - JC200348
Jaccard Super Tendermatic Meat Tenderizer. 48 blade. 5 5/8 x 4 1/8". White ABS construction. How it works - razor sharp knife blades cut through the connective tissues that make meat tough. Tiny "heat cannels" are created without changing the shape or appearance of the meat resulting in faster penetration of marinades, even cooking throughout the meat and significantly reduced cooking times - up to 40%. Hang packaged."
Jaccard Meat Maximizer 45 Blade - BRK-JC200345NSJaccard Meat Maximizer 45 Blade - BRK-JC200345NS
Jaccard Meat Maximizer 45 Blade - BRK-JC200345N
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