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Horton archery

Game hunters and outdoorsmen have been seriously impressed with the Horton archery products which have been made during the past 50+ years by Bernard Horton. He realised that crossbows had been succeeded by guns but always knew that a competent crossbow could be a worthwhile accessory for the pro hunter. He began working on designs for his own personal use and word quickly spread about his work, and things have gone from strength to strength since then. The Horton brand embodies the latest technological innovations in their designs, which include advances such as the accuracy-boosting Dial-A-Range rail design, Talon Trigger with M.I.M. components, Dura-Tip Integrated Yoke System, Perfect Adjustable Stock and Cheek Piece, Mult-A-Range Scope and Anti-Dry-Fire Technology they have enabled focused hunters to enjoy better times during their expeditions. Regardless of age or skill there is a Horton crossbow for you, so why not find out more about this exciting weapon that is becoming a major way for people to hunt, have fun, and compete.
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