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High Gear outdoor

Highgear outdoor products is a brand of Implus Footcare, LLC,a company based in France who have enjoyed an unprecedented level of growth in many industries across the world. They were founded in 1988 as Impact Plus, and wanted to take innovative products to market. They now own 9 brands and now distribute in over 70,000 retail outlets across North America and over 70 countries worldwide. The Highgear brand was developed in 1999, in the Appalachian Mountains, and wanted to be known as a leader for outdoor navigational tools, which has also expanded into related items such as watches, hand-held navigational devices, pedometers and more. They have a solid mission whereby they want to enhance outdoor experiences and active lifestyles with incredibly innovative products which will help you reach your goal successfully. If you are looking for portable navigation, weather stations, water resistant products and altimeters then please browse the selection below.
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