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Hibben knives

Gil Hibben lives and works in LaGrange, Kentucky. Gil grew up in Wyoming in the depression era. He began to make knives part time after he was discharged from the navy in 1956. His first Bowie knife was sold for $45. From this his long and famous career as a professional knife maker began. Over the years he achieved fame as a first class custom knife maker. His work has been featured in, and on the covers of national gun and knife magazines. In 1988 his work became even more well known when Sylvestor Stallone purchased several of Gils custom knives for his own collection. He was then asked to design the famous knife which was used in the move Rambo III. The reproduction of that knife has been the one of the biggest selling production knives ever produced, selling over 250,000 copies. Gils career as a custom knife maker has earned him fame and the respect of collectors worldwide, even taking him to Elvis Presleys home and the White House where one of the knives was entered into the presidential archives. Gil still makes knives in LaGrange and his brother Darryl who is also a renowned knife maker in his own right, lives and makes knifes nearby.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Hibben Small Triple Thrower Set - GH5002Hibben Small Triple Thrower Set - GH5002
Hibben Triple Throwing Set. Small Tanto. Includes three 7 overall knives with 3 5/8" tanto blade. One piece stainless construction. Leather belt sheath holds all three. Target included."
Hibben Competition Thrower - GH2034Hibben Competition Thrower - GH2034
Hibben Competition Thrower Set Triple Set. 8 1/2 overall. One piece 420 stainless construction. Genuine leather sheath holds all three knives."
Hibben Large Thrower Triple Set - GH2011Hibben Large Thrower Triple Set - GH2011
Hibben Large Thrower Triple Set. Generation 2. Includes three GH-2003 in a sheath designed to hold them all. Each knife is 8 5/8 overall with 4 5/8" blade which is 3/16" thick. Designed by Gil Hibben, Master Knifemaker. These are updated designs of the original Hibben Throwers. Constructed of one-piece, tempered stainless steel. They feature ergonomic handle designs that guide the hand into the same consistent and accurate release each time they are thrown. Each comes with black nylon belt sheath with reinforced liner and color Hibben Knives patch."
Hibben Old West Custom Sword Cane - BRK-GH5045
Hibben Legacy Boot Knife - BRK-GH5059
Hibben Hurricane Linerlock - BRK-GH5079
Hibben Hurricane Linerlock - BRK-GH5080
Hibben Hurricane Linerlock - BRK-GH5081
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