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Hewlett sharpeners

If you are the sort of person who does not like to settle for second best, then a sharpener from Hewlett Sharpeners will certainly appeal. With Hewlett sharpeners, there is no need to be fooled by cheap foreign imitations as their Diamond sharpeners are the only sharpeners that are made in the USA and using all American material. Hewlett manufacturing have been pioneers in the world of lens shaped diamond sharpeners. Everyone has copied their designs and virtually all have fallen way behind the levels of expertise and quality of workmanship that you get with a Hewlett sharpener. They produce 3 different types primarily. These cover the FlipStik which is aimed at sportsmen for fishing, hunting and camping to keep their knives in top top condition. Then there is the JewelStik which is aimed at Chefs and food lovers worldwide. Restaurants and commercial enterprises use these a lot. Finally they have a range of other sharpening products that include their professional series and their flat hone sharpeners. Since their 1983 introduction, the JewelStik has become synonymous as the world leader in use by Chefs, Butchers, fishermen and hosueholds. Depend on this US made knife sharpening manufacturer know as Hewlett manufacturing and you can be assured of the best quality.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Hewlett Three Step System 12 inch - HMP123Hewlett Three Step System 12 inch - HMP123
Hewlett Kitchen Diamond Sharp. Three Step Sharpener. 12 rod features coarse, medium, and fine grit sections. Molded black plastic handle."
Hewlett Diamond Sharpening Rod - HMP12Hewlett Diamond Sharpening Rod - HMP12
Hewlett Chef’s Choice Sharp. Diamond Sharpener. 12 x 3/4" diamond sharpening rod. Molded black plastic handle."
Hewlett Diamond Sharpening Rod - HMC5Hewlett Diamond Sharpening Rod - HMC5
Hewlett Sportsman Sharpener. Diamond Sharpener. 5 x 9/16" diamond sharpening rod. Molded black plastic handle."
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