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Herders knives

Herders knives are a brand of knife made by the Robert Herder knife company based out of Solingen, Germany, and who trade under the Windmill brand. Their knives have been made since the companys foundation in 1872, and make knives that or of exceptional quality and sharpness. Many of the current knives in the range of herder knives are based upon designs derived over 75 to 100 years ago, and they havent lost their usability, attractiveness and more importantly, functionality. They ensure their knives stay true to tradition through their careful selection of raw materials and processing methods. For more than a century, these methods have made Windmill knives such an exciting proposition. The blades are grounded nitritefree, and they like to use both very high quality stainless chrome­molybdenum­vanadium and non­stainless. Some of the best kitchen and cutlery knives in the world come out of Solingen, and specifically from Robert herder Windmill knives. For the best cuts you will ever experience, choose one from our listings shown below.
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