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Helle knives

Norwegian craftsmanship became very popular in 1932 when two brothers known as Steinar and Sigmund Helle started knife production in the old forge at their home in their farm in Holmeland. This area is surrounded by stunning mountainous lansdscapes in the Sogn & Fjordane county. As they began producing sheath knives, their reputation grew extremely quickly and soon outgrew their local areas market, so decided to spread their wings further. Steinar Hell packed his Rucksack full of knives and set off on his bike over the mountains towards the east – yes, on a bicycle! All of this was done without electricity, and even when electricity did become available they still made (as they do today) their knives by hand. Customers around the world rush to buy a Helle knife. Their knives are fantastic looking knives and meet the needs of professional hunters, scouts and outdoorsmen. We can guarantee that there arent too many knives that are as good as a Helle knife. Please enjoy our fine hand picked selection below.
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