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Head-Lite flashlights

Head Lite are a brand of cap mounted flash lights developed by The Shooters Box, LLC who are based out of Malden, MA, USA. The parent company distributes many brands of many areas relating to guns, knives, outdoor activities etc. These include things like Guns, spotting scopes, night visions, flash lights, magazines and more. The Head Lite brand produce a fantastic range of caps that have circular lights which are flush mounted and set into the front of the cap. This means you can enjoy a completely hands-free operation and illuminate whatever it is you are looking at, whether it is skinning in the dark or reading a simple map, or even lighting the path ahead. You can get somewhere in the region of as much as 30 feet of illumination with a beam that comes from as much as 80,000 candlepower. Head Lite lights are certainly not to be laughed at – they are premium grade. With the Head-Lite range of cap lights you can get a good range of regular Cap colors as well as a number of Camo designs including the much loved Mossy oak Break Up. Take a closer look below.
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