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Since around 1845, the Hen & Rooster brand came about as a result of a poultry business owner known as Carl Bertram who worked in the Solingen area of Germany. He began manufacturing his own line of cutlery, and because of his background in poultry, the Hen & Rooster brand name was conceived and has stood the test of time for more than 165 years. Renowned for the extremely high level quality of workmanship, the business was carried forward by several members of his family. The brand would place their logo on one side and another company on the other side when they were contracted to produce knives for other companies in the 1960s and 1970s. Knives that were marked the “Germany” were produced in around 1980. IN 1975 the A.G. Russell firm (of Springdale, Arkansas) purchased the Hen & Rooster company and ran it for 5 years, producing a range of Bertram hen & Rooster knives that were also contracted out with the contractors name on one side, and the H&R logo on the other. This went on until the factory in Solingen was closed in 1980. In 1983 the company was eventually liquidated, and the brand names Bertram and also Hen & Rooster were purchased by the Frosts cutlery company (James Frost based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Howard Rabin of Star Sales, of Knoxville, Tennessee and also Hugo Schiesen of Robert Klaas, out of Solingen, Germany. After some time, and just before the retirement of Howard Rabin, James Frost purchased the entire rights to the mark and distribution of all Hen & Rooster knives in the United States. Frosts Cutlery continues to uphold the long distinguished tradition begun by Mr. Bertram ensuring the superior craftsmanship of each Hen & Rooster knife continues to impress people around the world. These superior quality pocket knives continue to be manufactured by highly skilled craftsman in their Solingen workshop, Germany. Through its long standing heritage, prowess and fine reputation, the upstanding Hen & Rooster brand name continues to carry the title of “World’s Finest Since 1845”. What more can we say? We are extremely honored to be able to showcase these knives here at hand-tools.com.
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