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Grohmann swords

Pride, value and family tradition are some of the traits you can expect to see if you ever go on one of the free factory tours of the Grohmann knife manufacturing company in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is one knife manufacturing company who have held on to their roots and family beliefs. This company was originally selling knives in its homeland of Sudetenland before the second world war (at the time it was a German region of Czechoslovakia). Each year a Quebec based pocket knife buyer would visit them and urge them to go and set up shop in Canada, which they always turned down. They later took up his offer after the war when the political situation became desperate. After some time, Dean H. Russell asked Grohmann to produce Candian made knives as there was a distinct lack on the market, and this led to the D.H. Russell Belt Knife Original #1, and later came the #2 Trout & Bird, then the #3 Army and then the #4 Survival. With family members joining, this company has grown more and more and produced a bigger range of knives. With a Grohmann knife, producing a knife is as much an art as it is a trade. With as many as 53 steps between starting point and finish you can be assured that your Grohmann knife will seriously impress you.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Grohmann Original Fixed Blade - GR1Grohmann Original Fixed Blade - GR1
Grohmann Original Design. 8 1/2 overall. 4" stainless elliptical blade. Offset rosewood handles for safe grip. FUll tang. Lanyard. Leather belt sheath. Designed by D. H. Russell. Made in Nova Scotia."
Grohmann Deer and Moose Knife - GR108Grohmann Deer and Moose Knife - GR108
Grohmann Deer and Moose Knife. 10 1/2 overall. 5 3/4" stainless blade. Full tang. Rosewood handle. Lanyard. Brown leather belt sheath. Designed by D. H. Russell."
Grohmann Ulu - GR116SGrohmann Ulu - GR116S
Grohmann Ulu. 5 overall. 5 3/4" stainless ulu blade. Rosewood handle. Rosewood display stand. Hang packaged."
Grohmann Trout & Bird Knife - GR2Grohmann Trout & Bird Knife - GR2
Grohmann Trout & Bird Knife. 8 overall. 4" stainless elliptical blade. Offset rosewood handles for safe grip. Full tang. Lanyard. Leather belt sheath. Designed by D. H. Russell. Made in Nova Scotia."
Grohmann DH Russell Lockback - GR300Grohmann DH Russell Lockback - GR300
Grohmann DH Russell Lockback. 4 3/4 closed. High carbon stainless elliptical skinning blade. Rosewood handles with grooved nickel silver bolster. Lanyard. Genuine leather belt sheath. Designed by D. H. Russell. Made in Nova Scotia."
Grohmann Mini Russell Lockback - BRK-GR340SGrohmann Mini Russell Lockback - BRK-GR340S
Grohmann Drop Point Lockback - GR380SGrohmann Drop Point Lockback - GR380S
Grohmann Drop Point Lockback 5 closed. 3 5/8" stainless drop point blade. Rosewood handles with nickel silver bolsters. Brown leather belt sheath."
Grohmann Survival Knife - GR4Grohmann Survival Knife - GR4
Grohmann Survival Knife. 10 1/4 overall. 5 1/2" stainless wide design elliptical blade with false edge. Rosewood handles. Full tang. Lanyard. Lock-down style leather belt sheath. Designed by D. H. Russell. Made in Nova Scotia."
Grohmann Survival Guthook Skinner - GR4SGGrohmann Survival Guthook Skinner - GR4SG
Grohmann Guthook Skinner. Survival. 10 1/4 overall. 5 3/8" stainless guthook blade. Full tang. Rosewood handles. Lanyard. Brown leather lock down belt sheath."
Grohmann Large Skinner Rosewood - BRK-GR100SGrohmann Large Skinner Rosewood - BRK-GR100S
Grohmann Standard Skinner Rosewood - BRK-GR101SGrohmann Standard Skinner Rosewood - BRK-GR101S
Grohmann Short Blade Skinner - BRK-GR103SGrohmann Short Blade Skinner - BRK-GR103S
Grohmann 47.60 - BRK-GR104SFGrohmann 47.60 - BRK-GR104SF
Grohmann Deep Woods Hunter - BRK-GR105SGrohmann Deep Woods Hunter - BRK-GR105S
Grohmann Two Blade Folder Rosewood - BRK-GR350SGrohmann Two Blade Folder Rosewood - BRK-GR350S
Grohmann Folder - BRK-GR360SGrohmann Folder - BRK-GR360S
Grohmann Trout and Bird Knife Stag Car - BRK-GRH2CGrohmann Trout and Bird Knife Stag Car - BRK-GRH2C
Grohmann Original Design Fixed Blade - BRK-GRM1SGrohmann Original Design Fixed Blade - BRK-GRM1S
Grohmann Trout & Bird Knife Black Linen - BRK-GRM2SGrohmann Trout & Bird Knife Black Linen - BRK-GRM2S
Grohmann Survival Knife Black Micarta - BRK-GRM4CGrohmann Survival Knife Black Micarta - BRK-GRM4C
Grohmann Original Design Buffalo Horn - BRK-GRW1SGrohmann Original Design Buffalo Horn - BRK-GRW1S
Grohmann Featherweight Lockback Zytel - BRK-GRZ390SGrohmann Featherweight Lockback Zytel - BRK-GRZ390S

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