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GreatLite Flashlights

GreatLITE are a company who offer flashlights in both battery operated and rechargeable formats. Their approach is to create a flash light which does not eat through bulbs and outperforms other manufacturers while keeping costs and prices low. Every GreatLITE has a unique designed lens which has been made so that the shape and thickness maximises the output of the light source, so none is wasted! Every last one of their lights has a strong chassis which ensures it will withstand tough use year after year no matter what the environment encountered. They have put a lot of thought into the switches as well. They recognized the fact that the switches are typically a problem area which will develop a fault due to contamination, so they introduced self cleaning mechanisms so that trouble-free performance is enjoyed for many years. GreatLITe offer a wide range of incandescent flashlights, LED flashlights, lanterns and floodlights, keychain and speciality lights and also rechargeable car flashlights, so there is plenty of performance for you to enjoy -take a closer look at the offerings we have got listed below.
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