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Great Eastern Knives

The Great Eastern Cutlery company is proud to be able to say that they still make their knives in the USA, unlike many other knife manufacturers who have had a tough time trying to survive during the last few years due to economic situations. During most of the 20th century, knife making was a common occurrence throughout the period, but in recent years this has dwindled down to the point where many knives are now imported. This exciting and innovative company was formed in August 2006 by the original partners Bill Howard and Ken Daniels. They remain as innovators and ensure that they always stay up to date with being as efficient as possible. They mix a blend of skilled manufacturing processes and a few contemporary machine operations so that they can produce high quality classically designed pocket cutlery. The company has thrived due to its great spirit and the fact that most of their employees have been with them since the beginning. Take a closer look at the fantastic designs made by the Great Eastern cutlery company.
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