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Gerstner chests

In 1884, Harry Gerstner was born, and was a very special year which ultimately led to the formation of the Gerstner & Sons, Inc. company. Around the same time other marvels were occurring such as the statue of liberty was built and Boston & New York were first linked by telephone. Aged 17, Harry Gerstner learned woodworking and 4 years later he completed his training and soon went on to make his first tool chest while working as a pattern maker. Working just evenings, it took him a year to make, but once complete, one of his friends commented on it and asked him to make one for them. He did this and soon others were commenting, and so with his $100 bonus he received for completing his 4 years apprenticeship training he set up the H. Gerstner & Sons chest company in 1906 at the time that the Wright brothers were making their first airplane. He partly named the company because of his father called Herman and partly because it sounded like a well established brand that could be built upon. If you want one of the finest wooden tool chests in the world then get yourself a Gerstner. You wont be disappointed.
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