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German Eye knives

German eye knives were original a brand of Carl Schlieper and were impressive made knives that grew a lot of interest from admirers. Eventually however the German eye brand was liquidated, but before this happened they still had some knives made in and around Solingen in Germany and a few made overseas in China. The name was sold to an American importer known as Olbertz. These days the original name is fondly remembered, and the designs are still available to buy. So if you are looking to get yourself a German Eye knife then please review our listings below. There are plenty of the usual favorites such as Sodbusters, Trappers and Canoe knives etc. to choose between.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
German Eye Clodbuster Jr - GE99JRYGerman Eye Clodbuster Jr - GE99JRY
German Eye Sodbuster Jr. Yellow. 3 1/2 closed. Solingen steel blade. Yellow celluloid handles."
German Eye Clodbuster Jr - GE99JRGerman Eye Clodbuster Jr - GE99JR
German Eye Sodbuster Wood. Sodbuster Jr. 3 1/2 closed. Solingen steel blade. Wood handles."
German Eye Work Knife Brown Wood - GE99German Eye Work Knife Brown Wood - GE99
German Eye Clodbuster Jr Green - BRK-GE99JRG
German Eye Clodbuster Jr Red - BRK-GE99JRR
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