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German Bull knives

The German Bull range of knives is a range of knives which has been imported from Germany and is now part of the Frost knives company. The German Bull Brand features some of the more traditional designs and patterns such as Deer Stag, Cracked Ice Celluloid and Cape Buffalo Horn. These knives are fondly known as the Sunday knife for the working man. German quality and workmanship is renowned around the world, so bringing this brand to the US was a smart move by Jim Frost. You can enjoy all the traditional favorites such as Muskrat knives, Peanut knives, German Toothpick knives, folding Hunter knives and other types such as the Little Leopard or the large Dirt Buster.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
German Bull Trapper Deer Stag - BRK-GB254German Bull Trapper Deer Stag - BRK-GB254
German Bull Lockback - GB110German Bull Lockback - GB110
German Bull Lockback Stag. 3 1/2 closed. Stainless clip blade. Genuine stag handles with nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield."
German Bull Range Rider Red Pick Bone - BRK-GB106RPBGerman Bull Range Rider Red Pick Bone - BRK-GB106RPB
German Bull Range Rider Blue Pick Bone - BRK-GB106BLPBGerman Bull Range Rider Blue Pick Bone - BRK-GB106BLPB
German Bull Stockman - GB106German Bull Stockman - GB106
German Bull Stockman Stag. 3 1/4 closed. Stainless clip, sheepsfoot and coping blades. Genuine stag handles with nickel silver bolsters and inlay shield."
German Bull Antique Green Bone Trapper - BRK-GB010AGB
German Bull Blue Pick Bone Trapper - BRK-GB010BLPB
German Bull Smoothbone Trapper - BRK-GB010SB
German Bull Folding Hunter Rams Horn - BRK-GB069RH
German Bull Lockback Green Bone - BRK-GB110GPB
German Bull Lockback Red Bone - BRK-GB110RPB
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