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Fury self defense

Fury knives and fury self defense items are products that you can only buy through official resellers. They are a brand name of a company called Joy enterprises who were established in 1941. For the ultimate in self defense and survival, consider the Fury brand as your partner in crime. They offer high quality tactical knives, handcuffs, machetes, push daggers, pepper spray and rescue tools. Joy enterprises offer both value and custom items in order to best meet your needs. You will find boot knives, neck knives, forearm knives, folders, fixed blade knives and even swords. Items for self defense, safety and security and even martial arts. Camo series, 440C steel series and much more. The products are diverse but all high quality. Take a closer look at these Fury knives today through the listings below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Fury Tactical Handcuffs - FY15912Fury Tactical Handcuffs - FY15912
Fury Tactical Handcuffs. Black finish steel construction. Locking with two keys.
Fury Handcuffs - FY15909Fury Handcuffs - FY15909
Fury Tactical Handcuffs - FY15902Fury Tactical Handcuffs - FY15902
Fury Tactical Handcuffs. Nickel plated steel construction. Locking with two keys.
Fury Side-Handle Tactical 24Inch Tonfa FY12131 BatonFury Side-Handle Tactical 24Inch Tonfa FY12131 Baton
When it comes to self defense and public order, the Fury Tonfa FY12131 tactical side handle baton will more than meet your needs and make people stop and consider their options before approaching you.
Fury Tactical 16 Inch Self Defense Expandible BatonFury Tactical 16 Inch Self Defense Expandible Baton
From Fury self defense tools, we bring you this, the Fury tactical FY12123 16 inch extending baton, perfect for self defense or crowd control or for simply dealing with unruly people. Perfect for yourself or for police or military use. You decide and we will provide.
Fury Treasure II Dive Knife - FY11846Fury Treasure II Dive Knife - FY11846
Fury Night Thrower Set - BRK-FY11404
Fury CYB Safety Tool - BRK-FY12110
Fury Tactical Baton 21in expandable - BRK-FY12128
Fury Tactical Baton 21in expandable - BRK-FY12129
Fury Straight Baton - BRK-FY12130
Fury EZ-Grip Handcuff Key - BRK-FY15403
Fury EZ-Grip Handcuff Key - BRK-FY15405
Fury Leg Irons Handcuffs - BRK-FY15904
Fury Chain Handcuffs Pink - BRK-FY15910
Fury SLIM Neck Knife - BRK-FY700033
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