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Frost knives

The Frost cutlery company claim to be the worlds fastest growing cutlery company. Is it any wonder they can claim such achievements when you see how good the knives are? The company has grown wildly in the last 30 years, now employing more than 100 staff members at its workshop in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Jim Frost is the founder and together with his children Stephen and Stefanie the company goes from strength to strength. Backed up with the dedication of a very high quality workforce, many of whom have more than 10 years service with the company, the Frost knives brand continues to grow. Frost cutlery also own the Hen & Rooster brand (with more than 165 years of knife making) as well as the German bull brand. As technology develops, many other brands closed up shop because they never innovated in order to keep up. They got lost in the race. Meanwhile Frosts knives never stood still and they produced their steel warrior range of knives which has developed impressive sales matching many major large companies.
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