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Fox-N-Hound knives

Fox-n-hound knives are a brand name of smoky mountain knife works. Some of their knives are created in Italy and some are made in China. The good thing is that each knife breathes a refreshing new light into knife making, so this range is a nice and varied one to enjoy. Fox-n-hound is a trademarked brand and offers something for everyone. Whether it is a skinner or bowie knife, a lockback or a hunter, you will find a nice mix of exciting designs, smooth and rapid openers and damascus steel models. All the usual patterns and materials you enjoy are included such as stag and buffalo horn. These are some of the nicest looking knives we have seen in a long time.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Fox-N-Hound Skinner - FH622Fox-N-Hound Skinner - FH622
Fox-N-Hound Hunter - FH621Fox-N-Hound Hunter - FH621
Fox-N-Hound Skinner - FH620Fox-N-Hound Skinner - FH620
Fox-N-Hound Skinner - FH619Fox-N-Hound Skinner - FH619
Fox-N-Hound Damascus Trapper - FH614Fox-N-Hound Damascus Trapper - FH614
Fox-N-Hound Damascus Trapper. 4 1/8 closed. Damascus steel clip and spey blades. Genuine stag handles with brass bolsters."
Fox-N-Hound Damascus Twin Set - FH60910Fox-N-Hound Damascus Twin Set - FH60910
Fox-N-Hound Damascus Twin Set. Includes 7 3/8 overall fixed blade with 3 7/8" Damascus steel blade and 6 1/8" overall fixed blade with 2 3/4" Damascus steel blade. Knives are full tang and have genuine stag handles with brass guard and pommel. Tan leather belt sheath holds both knives."
Fox-N-Hound Dakota Skinner - FH609Fox-N-Hound Dakota Skinner - FH609
Fox-N-Hound Dakota Skinner. 7 1/2 overall. 4" damascus steel blade. Full tang. Stag handles with brass guard and pommel. Brown leather belt sheath."
Fox-N-Hound Clip Blade Skinner - FH605Fox-N-Hound Clip Blade Skinner - FH605
Fox-N-Hound Clip Blade Skinner 11 overall. 6 3/8" damascus steel blade. Round design stag handle with brass guard and pommel. Brown leather belt sheath."
Fox-N-Hound Baby Bowie - FH604Fox-N-Hound Baby Bowie - FH604
Fox-N-Hound Baby Bowie. 10 3/8 overall. 6" damascus steel bowie blade. Full tang. Stag handles with brass finger guard and pommel. Leather belt sheath."
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