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For more than 30 years, the Flitz brand has become synonymous as a name to trust when it comes to polishing products. Behind every single Flitz product is a dedicated team who are deeply focused on delivering only the best, and through this focus and dedication, Flitz has emerged as one of the best there is. They believe in using only the finest products and materials sourced from within the US and also in Germany. With headquarters in stunning Waterford, Wisconsin, the Flitz premium polishing products is a great place to visit, and a great base for a range of great products. The produce the original Flitz polish in both a liquid and a paste format, buff balls, calcium, rust and lime removers, gun and knife care kits and wax, marine care kits and also high quality microfiber cloths. So in order to keep your guns, knives, tools and other items in their best possible condition, you can rest assured that a Flitz product will exceed your expectations wildly.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Flitz Microfiber Polishing Cloth - FZ20000Flitz Microfiber Polishing Cloth - FZ20000
Flitz Polishing Cloth. Microfiber Polishing Cloth. Large size measures 16 x 16". Washable and reusable up to 500 times. Streak-free performance. Use wet or dry. Works electrostatically. Useful for cleaning windows, mirrors and optics. Removes dust from computers, video/stereo equipment, CD's/DVD's, cameras, guns, silver, crystal and much more. Polishes and buffs off wax easier and faster than cloth. Removes fingerprints and oils in one wipe. May be used on any surface: glass, plastic, auto paint, fiberglass, vinyl, leather, stainless steel, all metals, tile, ceramic, marble, granite and linoleum. Hang packaged."
Flitz Gun/Knife Care Kit - FZ41501Flitz Gun/Knife Care Kit - FZ41501
Flitz Gun/Knife Care Kit. Includes 1.7 oz. spray bottle Stainless Steel & Chrome Clean, 1.76 oz. tube Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass polishing paste, 1.76 oz. spray bottle Rifle/Gun & Knife Wax and Thick & Thirsty Microfiber cloth. Use on bluing, stocks, stainless, nickel and more. Helpful to keep your gun, rifle, knife, axe or sword looking new. Hang packaged.
Flitz Rifle/Gun/Knife Wax - BRK-FZ02785Flitz Rifle/Gun/Knife Wax - BRK-FZ02785
Flitz Sealant - BRK-FZ02902Flitz Sealant - BRK-FZ02902
Flitz Polish Quart Can - BRK-FZ03518Flitz Polish Quart Can - BRK-FZ03518
Flitz Liquid Polish - BRK-FZ04501Flitz Liquid Polish - BRK-FZ04501
Flitz Liquid Polish - BRK-FZ04535Flitz Liquid Polish - BRK-FZ04535
Flitz Gun Ceramic Sealant - BRK-FZ12902Flitz Gun Ceramic Sealant - BRK-FZ12902
Flitz Paste Polish - BRK-FZ13511Flitz Paste Polish - BRK-FZ13511
Flitz Tactical Gun/Knife Care Kit - BRK-FZ41502Flitz Tactical Gun/Knife Care Kit - BRK-FZ41502
Flitz Knife Restoration Kit - BRK-FZ41511Flitz Knife Restoration Kit - BRK-FZ41511
Flitz Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner - BRK-FZ81585Flitz Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner - BRK-FZ81585
Flitz Microfiber Towel 12x12 2 pk - BRK-FZMTFlitz Microfiber Towel 12x12 2 pk - BRK-FZMT

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