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Fisher pens

The Fisher pens brand is sometimes known as Fisher space pens. These exciting pens are well known for their ability to being able to write in virtually all conditions. This brand of pens has taken the world by storm as some of the most innovative and exciting pens to ever hit the market. The pen industry has never seen such advances like you get with these, so be prepared for exciting times. They are based in Boulder City, Nevada and are highly acclaimed because their pens are guaranteed to work exceptionally well both here on Earth and on outer space. Paul C. Fisher says that every space pen is guaranteed to work at extremes of temperature from -30 to +250 degrees F as well as underwater, in zero gravity, at any angle and even upside down. These pens really are the only pens you will ever need. The pens are made using pressurised gas and a sliding float which separates the ink from the gas. Their pressurised cartridges come in all the usual colors you would expect. Their innovative pens are still used even today on manned space missions, such is the quality and level of workmanship. Many of the pens are styled and themed around things such as space missions, American flags, zero gravity etc., so please review our offerings below, for the ultimate in Fisher pens.
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