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First Aid

Elite First Aid, Inc are a company based in Durham, NC and has been producing some of the best medical kits around since 1989. They operate in the emergency first aid industry which includes the medical and hospital equipment industries, but primarily, you are looking at medical supplies for people who operate in the field, such as our servicemen operating in harsh environments. You can purchase individual first aid components separately or as part of full kits designed for campers or military use. If you intend to spend time in difficult environments then a well prepared, professionally designed and packaged first aid medical kit is an essential must-have. If injury or sickness occurs then you will need to be able to source the right solution, as often it can mean the difference between life and death. Getting this wrong is clearly not a solution. There are general purpose medical kits and more specialised kits. Then at other extremes you can find things such as parachute cord in various colors including Camo. Whatever your mission is, choose to have one of the safest and most reliable medical kits with you could prove to be the best decision you ever make.
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