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Factory X

Back in 2005, the Factory X company set up in business, originally as the LMTD Group, Inc. as a leading speciality distributor of licensed prop replicas. Then in 2006 they acquired Palisades toys and also the sale of a related sword company in mid 2006, and as a result they changed their trading name to Factory X distribution where they continued with their distribution of knives and swords as well as replica items that include the likes of collectible toys, non-firing replica firearms and prop replicas for stage work and collectors. Factory X is actually the owner of a number of different brands such as LMTD, Factory X, Palisades Toys, Crittaz and Freakables. It also distributes a number of other well known replica prop brands such as Denix replica firearms, Art Gladius, Muela knives and others. If you are into your fantasy props, replica swords and axes then take a closer look.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Factory X Viking Throwing Axe - FXH52Factory X Viking Throwing Axe - FXH52
Factory X Viking Throwing Axe. 23 5/8 overall. Rustic forged steel axe head. Hardwood handle. Bulk packed."
Factory X Naval Boarding Cutlass - CI610Factory X Naval Boarding Cutlass - CI610
Factory X Naval Boarding Cutlass. 36 3/4 overall. 24 3/4" unsharpened high carbon steel blade. Leather grip with brass wire wrap. Brass hand guard. Leather scabbard and belt frog."
Factory X Hero Axe - BRK-FX1002
Factory X Frankish Axe - BRK-FX310I
Factory X Frankish Axe - BRK-FX310K
Factory X Tomahawk Engraved Brass - BRK-FX316
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