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FOS knives

FOS knives (Frosts Of Sweden) is a proud Swedish brand of knife making that stems from the village of Ostnor just outside of Mora in Sweden. Erik Frost started the Frosts Knivfabrik company more than 100 years ago within this region, where knife making was popularized as far back as the 17th century. He soon drew huge acclaim for his designs, and as word spread, so did his customers overseas as well as in Sweden. These days, the company has been merged with the K.J. Eriksson company to form one major Swedish brand known as Mora of Sweden. These knives are legendary in the knife community for their ability and quality of workmanship. Review below a selection of knives and cutlery made by this exemplary knife company. Frosts Of Sweden, aka FOS knives delivers timeless performance and sheer quality that has to be experienced to be believed. You will quickly become a fan.
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