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Explorer outdoor gear

The range of Explorer outdoor gear is a good quality Chinese made range of items for outdoor use. This includes primarily a range of high quality and useful compass products, whether hand held or mounted within carabiners or even mounted within a whistle. The whistle compasses are great ways to double up on your inventory without compromising on quality, and saving space at the same time. Why carry multiple items with you on your expeditions? They have also expanded into a few other items as well which will also help you with your time away from the safety of your own home. These include things like first aid kits, survival blankets, ring wire saws that can be coiled up and stored in a pocket, LED lanterns, wind up crank lights and lightweight binoculars. This innovative range will contains something for everyone. Take a closer look at the range of Explorer outdoor gear products we ship.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Explorer Base Plate Compass - EXP53Explorer Base Plate Compass - EXP53
Explorer Scout Sighting Compass - EXP52Explorer Scout Sighting Compass - EXP52
Explorer Folding Compass - EXP51Explorer Folding Compass - EXP51
Explorer Keyring Compass - EXP47Explorer Keyring Compass - EXP47
Explorer Keyring Compass Red 4 overall. Red composition casing. 1 1/2" diameter compass with antique ivory face. Black nylon lanyard with keyring. Bulk packed."
Explorer Keyring Compass - EXP46Explorer Keyring Compass - EXP46
Explorer Keyring Compass Black 4 overall. Black composition casing. 1 1/2" diameter compass with antique ivory face. Black nylon lanyard with keyring. Bulk packed."
Explorer Microscope with LED - EXP45Explorer Microscope with LED - EXP45
Explorer Microscope with LED 1 3/8 x 1 /4" overall. Silver composition housing. Features two white LED's with on/off switch, eye lens, focus adjusting lens barrel and objective lens. 45x magnification. Uses three LR927 button cell batteries (included). Black leatherette storage pouch with velcro closure. Great for industrial use, medical science, coins and stamps, geography, circuit board, printing, gardening, education, house living or offices."
Explorer Emergency Survival Blanket - EXP41Explorer Emergency Survival Blanket - EXP41
Explorer Emergency Blanket. Reflective survival blanket preserves body heat in survival situation, or shock. Hang packaged.
Explorer Ring Wire Saw - EXP40Explorer Ring Wire Saw - EXP40
Explorer Ring Wire Saw. 27 overall. Stainless construction. Generous finger rings. Textured wire saw will cut limbs and branches. Small, lightweight and packs easily."
Explorer Compass - EXP29Explorer Compass - EXP29
Explorer Compass. Measures 3 x 2 1/4" x 1 1/8" closed. OD green metal construction with locking lid. Liquid filled. White face."
Explorer Adventure Whistle with Compass - EXP28Explorer Adventure Whistle with Compass - EXP28
Explorer Adventure Whistle. with Compass. 4 5/8 overall. Orange plastic casing. 1" diameter compass with black face. End unscrews to reveal empty interior storage compartment. Yellow cord lanyard."
Explorer Baseplate Compass - EXP25Explorer Baseplate Compass - EXP25
Explorer Baseplate Compass. Measures 2 3/4 x 2". Clear acrylic construction with black cord lanyard."
Explorer Fire Starter - EXP22Explorer Fire Starter - EXP22
Explorer Fire Starter. Non-slip black molded handle with cord lanyard. Ignition steel and stainless striker.
Explorer Watchband Compass - EXP19Explorer Watchband Compass - EXP19
Explorer Watchband Compass. Black nylon band with velcro closure. Compass has black composition casing and black face.
Explorer Pocket Compass - EXP18Explorer Pocket Compass - EXP18
Explorer Pocket Compass. Measures 1 in diameter. Black composition casing with black face. Black cord lanyard."
Explorer Carabiner Compass - EXP17Explorer Carabiner Compass - EXP17
Explorer Carabiner Compass. 2 5/8 overall. Black composition casing. 1 1/8" diameter compass with black face. Also includes 1 1/8" diameter thermometer with black face and Celsius and Fahrenheit scales."
Explorer Carabiner Compass - EXP16Explorer Carabiner Compass - EXP16
Explorer Carabiner Compass. 2 5/8 overall. Black composition casing. 1 1/8" diameter compass with black face."
Explorer Emergency Whistle with Compass - EXP15Explorer Emergency Whistle with Compass - EXP15
Explorer Emergency Whistle. with Compass and Celcius Thermometer. High impact OD green thermoplastic construction. Black cord lanyard.
Explorer Five-in-One Compass/Whistle - EXP14Explorer Five-in-One Compass/Whistle - EXP14
Explorer Five-in-One Compass/Whistle. Orange composition construction. Measures 3 7/8 overall. Features whistle, compass with black face, Celsius thermometer with black face, white LED light and signal mirror. Small interior storage compartment. Black cord lanyard."
Explorer Engineer Directional Compass - EXP13Explorer Engineer Directional Compass - EXP13
Explorer Engineer Compass. Directional Liquid Filled Compass. Measures 3 x 2" x 7/8". Gold finish metal casing with locking lid. White face. Integrated magnifying glass."
Explorer Compass - EXP10Explorer Compass - EXP10
Explorer Compass. Measures 3 x 2 1/8" x 1". Black composition construction with locking lid. White face. Integrated magnifying glass."
Explorer Base Plate Compass - EXP09Explorer Base Plate Compass - EXP09
Explorer Base Plate Compass. Measures 4 1/4 x 2 3/8". Clear acrylic construction with black trim. Rotating bezel. Metric scale. Built-in magnifying glass. Gold cord lanyard."
Explorer Compass - EXP04Explorer Compass - EXP04
Explorer Compass. Measures 1 7/8 in diameter. Black plastic casing with lid. Liquid filled. White face. Loop for attachment to lanyard or chain."
Explorer Keyring Compass - BRK-EXP059
Explorer Sharpener and Whistle - BRK-EXP55
Explorer Credit Card Magnifier Lens - BRK-EXP60
Explorer Paracord Bracelet With Compass - BRK-EXP61
Explorer Portable Dinner Utensil Set - BRK-EXP62
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