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Eureka outdoor gear

For more than a century the company known as Eureka outdoor gear have been bringing the fun back into families and friends through outdoor camping gear and accessories. Eureka sell a fantastic range of field proven tents, shelters and sleeping bags. They also sell other related items such as spotlights and flash lights so that your whole expedition can rely upon the gear you take with you. Nobody wants their camping gear to cause misery to their vacation whether it is a simple weekend vacation or a full on Everest expedition, Eureka outdoor gear are there by your side making sure you only have to focus on your needs. Whether it is backcountry or backyard, Eureka! Are built to handle anything. From a small company who started out somewhere before the year 1895 as the Eureka! Tent & Awning Company in Binghampton, NY to the thriving company they are today, you an be assured that quality will have never looked this good. Many famous mountain exploration teams and climbers have publicly used a Eureka! Tent for their tent of choice.
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