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Entrek knives

For knives with muscle, choose an Entrek knife. Entrek USA is a range of knives developed by the worldwide known knife maker Ray W. Ennis. With this line you are getting the true power and quality of a custom knife at a factory made price. What an exciting combination! This has been achieved by combining only the best hand finish knife making employees and giving them modern technology to bring the costs down. Ray Ennis has been making custom knives since as far back as February 1973 and has gone on to make more than 7000 knives himself. All Entrek USA knives are made using 440C stainless steel that is heat treated, sub zero stabilised and then double drawn to give a really strong 57-58RC hardness. They do not care about the latest fads surrounding various steels and have stood true to their belief that a decent steel with enough Carbon in it that has been subjected to heat treatment will ensure a quality usable knife is sufficient enough. Time and time again, their customers have agreed. They use Black canvas Micarta for all their handles, and get it from the same manufacturer, despite costs, so as to ensure uniformity of color is maintained. This allows their handles to be completely impervious to things such as heat, oil, cold weather and water which would normally destroy most knife handles over time. Their sheaths are also superb in that they are always evolving and made using Black Kydex. Depending on the knife, the sheath may have a belt loop or belt clip as well as Black eyelets for those who prefer to lash the sheath to gear instead. Take a good look at Entrek – its truly superior grade stuff.
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