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Emerson knives

When it comes to being the best, Emerson knives shout extremely loud and clearly that they ARE the best. They have earned an impeccable reputation that is literally legendary among the worlds elite military and law enforcement agencies. They have strived and strived at every step of the way to achieve that status and are not prepared to give up their enviable position for any other knife company. In fact, Ernest R. Emerson says that he is prepared to stand toe to toe with any other company on earth in order to defend their position s leaders. They know that your life, or the life of a partner or comrade may depend on an Emerson knife in a time of crisis. The Emerson knife company began on the 30th January 1997 when one of the best custom knife makers, Ernest E. Emerson sent out a letter to gun and knife magazines, stores and distributors around the world and the rest is history. The company has since grown to epic proportions ans is now highly revered by the knife community. You can definitely trust in an Emerson knife, 100%. Find out why below by viewing the range of Emerson knives for yourself.
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