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Denix replicas

Denix Replicas are a truly exciting company who make an enormous range of products that are all replicas, and not made for actual use. The quality of workmanship is superb and the detailing is literally as good as an original. These are perfect for a whole host of situations from mock gun battles right through to using their mock shackles, arms, old or modern or simply fantasy. They are all for character based use, such as in stage shows, outdoor scenes and play use, but they can be adopted for film use or a whole myriad of uses that only the mind can conceive. The tourist industry is one of their biggest markets. They have more than 300 items with over 500 variants possible. Starting out in December 1878 Jose Carretero Febrer and Sebastian Llull Salom set up the company with a small amount of investment each, and through time they have evolved into a larger company with more than 70 employees operating in a 3,700 m2 factory based in the industrial area of Ciutadella de Menorca. Truly mesmerising replica guns, whips, gun holsters, old wild west posters, revolver replicas, Winchester gun replicas and more. Please remember that these are not real and can not be made to be operated in real life – they are all imitation, but are among the greatest in the world. Come and take a closer look.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Denix 1881 Street Howitzer Replica Rosewood StockDenix 1881 Street Howitzer Replica Rosewood Stock
This is the Denix 1881 Street Howitzer replica firearm with Rosewood stock, model number DX1114. Could replica firearms be any better than this? We don't think so!
Denix Replica Bullets Brass - ODBCDenix Replica Bullets Brass - ODBC
Denix Replica Bullets Brass 25 per pack. These bullet replicas are made to fit any of the Denix Peacemaker style revolvers. They are solid metal castings and cannot be made fireable. Pack of 25. Bulk packed.
Denix Old West Collectible Posters - BRK-DX90Denix Old West Collectible Posters - BRK-DX90
Denix Buntline Special 45 Caliber - BRK-DX7303Denix Buntline Special 45 Caliber - BRK-DX7303
Denix Old West Ball N Chain - BRK-DX720Denix Old West Ball N Chain - BRK-DX720
Denix Old West Leg Cuffs - 716Denix Old West Leg Cuffs - 716
Denix Old West Leg Cuffs. Civil War & Old West style convict-prisoner 16 leg cuffs. Metal construction with antique finish. Bulk packed."
Denix Old West Handcuffs - 715Denix Old West Handcuffs - 715
Denix Old West Handcuffs. Metal construction with antique finish. Bulk packed.
Denix Old West Jailers Keys - 714Denix Old West Jailers Keys - 714
Denix Old West Jailer's Keys. Set of 5 antique brass finish metal keys on large metal ring.
Denix Old West Jailers Keys - BRK-DX711Denix Old West Jailers Keys - BRK-DX711
Denix Old West Large Padlock - 69BDenix Old West Large Padlock - 69B
Denix Old West Padlock Measures 4 1/2 x 2 5/8" x 1 1/4". All steel construction with brass accent. Comes with two skeleton keys. Weighs: 2 lbs."
Denix Buntline Special 45 Caliber - BRK-DX6303Denix Buntline Special 45 Caliber - BRK-DX6303
Denix Buntline Special 45 Caliber - BRK-DX5303Denix Buntline Special 45 Caliber - BRK-DX5303
Denix Deer Head Hanger Brass - BRK-DX5001Denix Deer Head Hanger Brass - BRK-DX5001
Denix Civil War Miniature Limber - 028634706273Denix Civil War Miniature Limber - 028634706273
Denix Miniature Desk Cannon - 422Denix Miniature Desk Cannon - 422
Denix Miniature Desk Cannon. Mini Civil War Desk Cannon. Measures 7 overall. Cast metal and brass construction."
Denix Peace Pipe Replica - 391Denix Peace Pipe Replica - 391
Denix Peace Pipe Replica. Early American Indian Peace Pipe Replica. 17 1/8 overall. Functional wood pipe with ceramic lined bowl."
Denix M1911 Replica - BRK-DX301Denix M1911 Replica - BRK-DX301
Denix 2pc Gun Sword Holder HangerDenix 2pc Gun Sword Holder Hanger
Looking for a high quality gun and sword holder? This is the Denix DX28 gun and sword holder set. It comprises two individual mounts (with the exception of DX-6G, DX-6L, DX-9L, DL-9NQ and DX-15G) which can be spaced at any distance apart you require to hold any of your guns and swords up to 1 ¾ inches deep each.
Denix Lion Sword/Gun Holder - 23LDenix Lion Sword/Gun Holder - 23L
Denix Lion Sword/Gun Holder. 3 high. Bronze finish with lion head. Set of two."
Denix Replicas Gentlemans Pocket Flintlock 237GDenix Replicas Gentlemans Pocket Flintlock 237G
Denix Pistol Replica. Gentleman's Pocket Flintlock Pistol Replica. Originally crafted by Bunney of London circa 1770. 6 1/4 overall with embossed dark wood grips and gray finish barrel."
Denix Peace Pipe Tomahawk DX201 18 3/8 OverallDenix Peace Pipe Tomahawk DX201 18 3/8 Overall
If weaponry is your thing then this Denix peace pipe Tomahawk (model number DX201) will help create the right ambience wherever it is used. Great to look at, nicely balanced and well made, it is one to certainly take a closer look at.
Denix Deluxe Cavalry Pistol Replica - 1281LDenix Deluxe Cavalry Pistol Replica - 1281L
Denix Replica. Colt Cavalry Model 45 Replica. 13 overall. Imitation ivory grips featuring U.S. eagle. Pistol features brass finish with fancy engraving."
Denix Replica Double Barrelled Deringer Pistol 1262/LDenix Replica Double Barrelled Deringer Pistol 1262/L
Denix Replica. Remington 1866 Double Barrel Derringer Replica. 41 caliber. 4 3/4 overall length. Brass construction with white composition grips."
Denix 1873 Lever Action Rifle Replica 1253LDenix 1873 Lever Action Rifle Replica 1253L
You are looking at the Denix DX1253L rifle replica – a model 1873 classic Western reproduction perfect for battle re-enactments or for avid collectors of old time weaponry such as this. Mixing wooden stocks with Brass fittings this is a really nice piece.
Denix George Washington - 1228Denix George Washington - 1228
Denix Flintlock Replica George Washington Signature Collector's Model. 14 1/8 overall. Brown wood stock with antique brass and pewter finish fittings and trim. Black finish hammer. England, 1748."
Denix Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol - 1219Denix Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol - 1219
Denix Flintlock Blunderbuss Pistol Replica.14 3/8 overall. Brown wood stock with antique gray finish fittings and trim. London, 18th century."
Denix Sword/Gun Hanger Bronze - 11LDenix Sword/Gun Hanger Bronze - 11L
Denix Sword/Gun Hanger Bronze. 3 1/2 high. Bronze finish with fleur de lis. May be mounted any distance apart on wall to display various size guns or swords. Spring loading. Allows for secure mounting of pieces up to 1 3/4" deep. Set of two."
Denix Replicas British Dueling Pistols 2-1196/LDenix Replicas British Dueling Pistols 2-1196/L
Denix British Dueling Pistols. Reproduction of pistols manufactured in England during the mid 1700's. These two handsome dueling flintlock pistols defended many a man's honor in their day. Guns measure 14 1/2 overall and feature a full length wood stock, simulated brass barrel and trigger guard, and an embossed butt plate."
Denix Cavalry Model 1873 - 1191GDenix Cavalry Model 1873 - 1191G
Denix Pistol Replica U.S.A. M1873 Cavalry Pistol Replica. 12 1/2 overall. Wood grips. Antique silver finish."
Denix Replica .45 Peacemaker Nickel Army Revolver Pistol 1186/NQDenix Replica .45 Peacemaker Nickel Army Revolver Pistol 1186/NQ
Denix Replica. Colt 45 Peacemaker Replica. 10 1/2 overall. Wood grips. Nickel plated finish."
Denix Replica .45 Peacemaker Pewter Army Revolver Pistol 1186/GDenix Replica .45 Peacemaker Pewter Army Revolver Pistol 1186/G
Denix Replica. Colt 45 Peacemaker Replica. 10 1/2 overall. Wood grips. Antique gray gun metal finish."
Denix Replica Black Army Revolver Pistol 1186/NDenix Replica Black Army Revolver Pistol 1186/N
Denix Revolver Replica. U.S.A. Model 1873 Western Fast Draw Revolver Replica. 10 1/2 overall. Wood grips. Blued finish."
Denix Model 1866 Yellow Boy Repeating Rifle 1140LDenix Model 1866 Yellow Boy Repeating Rifle 1140L
Denix Replica. Winchester Model 1866 Yellow Boy" Replica. 39" overall length. Blued finish barrel. Wood stock and forearm with brass trim."
Denix Model 1866 Western Rifle - 1140GDenix Model 1866 Western Rifle - 1140G
Denix Rifle Replica. Model 1866 Western Rifle Replica. 38 1/2 overall. Antique nickel silver finish octagonal barrel and receiver. Wood stock with antique nickel silver finish fittings."
Denix Kentucky Flintlock Pistol - BRK-DX1136LDenix Kentucky Flintlock Pistol - BRK-DX1136L
Denix M1 Carbine with Sling - DX1120CDenix M1 Carbine with Sling - DX1120C
M1 Carbine with Sling - Winchester type. Replica measures 35 5/8" overall. Brown walnut wood stock with removable burnished metal replica magazine. Moveable trigger and bolt. Sling with sling pin included.
Denix Coach Shotgun Replica 1115Denix Coach Shotgun Replica 1115
Denix Coach Shotgun Replica Double Barrel . 35 overall. 19 1/2" antique black finish steel barrel. Realistic, time-worn look and working parts just like the original 1881 percussion cap design. Hardwood stock. Thumb the top locking lever to the side and the gun breaks open like the original would for loading. Close and lock the barrels and cock both hammers, then pull the double triggers one at a time and the hammers will fall. Realistic weight, feel and action."
Denix Fast Draw Style Revolver - 1108GDenix Fast Draw Style Revolver - 1108G
Denix Fast Draw Style Revolver Replica Guns of the West series. 11 1/4 overall with a 4 5/8" barrel. Antique gray finish with black textured composition inlay grips with eagle."
Denix 1873 Frontier Revolver - 1106BDenix 1873 Frontier Revolver - 1106B
Denix 1873 Frontier Revolver. 12 overall. 5 1/2" barrell. Authentic non-firing replica of old west pistol. Dark Brown wood grips. Black finish barrel, fittings and trim."
Denix US WWII Assault Rifle Replica - 1105Denix US WWII Assault Rifle Replica - 1105
Denix The Mares Leg Lever 1095Denix The Mares Leg Lever 1095
Denix Rifle Replica. The Mare's Leg Lever Action Rifle. 19 3/4 overall. Wood stock. Antique silver finish barrel, fittings and trim. This is the cut-down replica version of the loop lever 1892 that was made famous in the TV series "Wanted Dead or Alive"."
Denix Pirate Boarding Blunderbuss - 1094GDenix Pirate Boarding Blunderbuss - 1094G
Denix Pirate Boarding Blunderbuss Replica measures 28 1/4 overall. Brown wood stock with antique gray finish fittings and trim. 18th Century."
Denix Replica Thompson M1928 U.S. Submachine GunDenix Replica Thompson M1928 U.S. Submachine Gun
From Denix Replicas we bring you this, the Denix Replica M1928 U.S. Submachine Gun Military Version replica. Perfect for all re-enactments or war enthusiasts and collectors alike. This extremely well made replica looks every bit the original part.
Denix Replica M1928 Submachine Gun 1092Denix Replica M1928 Submachine Gun 1092
Denix Replica. M1928 Submachine Gun Replica. 34 overall. Wood stock with black finish metal barrel and trigger. This is a classic replica of the submachine gun made famous by prohibition gangsters. Features a 50 round removable drum and pistol foregrip, just like Capone's mobsters would have used. The bolt cocks and releases with a pull of the trigger.
Denix Lee-Enfield Rifle Replica 1090Denix Lee-Enfield Rifle Replica 1090
Denix Lee-Enfield Rifle Replica Short Magazine. 44 1/4 overall. Brown wood stock with black finish fittings and trim. Removable magazine clip. Brass finish butt. The Lee-Enfield was the British Army's standard bolt-action, magazine-fed, repeating rifle from 1895 until 1956, in various marks. It was the standard army service rifle for the first half of the 20th century and was adopted by Britain's colonies and Commonwealth allies including India, Australia, New Zealand and Canada."
Denix 1810 French Flintlock Pistol - 1084NQDenix 1810 French Flintlock Pistol - 1084NQ
Denix Pistol Replica. 1810 French Flintlock Pistol Replica. 15 3/8 overall. Wood grips with decorative engraving. Antique nickel silver finish barrel and detailed fittings and trim."
Denix Civil War Confederate Revolver - 1083GDenix Civil War Confederate Revolver - 1083G
Denix Revolver Replica. Civil War Confederate Revolver Replica. 13 1/2 overall. Southern percussion six-shot (cap and ball) revolver circa 1860. Wood grips. Antique gray gun metal finish."
Denix The Riflemen Carbine Replica - 1069Denix The Riflemen Carbine Replica - 1069
Denix Rifle Replica. Winchester The Riflemen" Carbine Replica. 37" overall length. Blued finish barrel. Wood stock and forearm with blued trim."
Denix 1892 Lever Action Rifle Replica 36 1/2 OverallDenix 1892 Lever Action Rifle Replica 36 1/2 Overall
If re-enactment scenes are your thing, then this realistic Denix 1892 lever action rifle (model number DX1068G) will certainly look the part in any story or scene you are attempting to recreate. Even if you are just a fan of replica weapons, this will put a smile upon your face.
Denix M1849 Dragoon Revolver - 1055Denix M1849 Dragoon Revolver - 1055
Denix Brown Bess Flintlock Musket Rifle 1054Denix Brown Bess Flintlock Musket Rifle 1054
This replica firearm is the Denix Brown Bess Musket replica, model number DX1054. A very realistic looking Musket gun. The beauty of owning one of these replicas is that you don't need any federal license to buy, sell or possess them.
Denix 1040L Pistol Replica 1851 Civil WarDenix 1040L Pistol Replica 1851 Civil War
You are looking at the Denix DX1040L Pistol replica. Every inch a fine looking pistol showcasing the finest weapons from eras gone by. This model depicts the pistols from the 1851 Civil War.
Denix Civil War 1851 Navy Revolver - 1040BDenix Civil War 1851 Navy Revolver - 1040B
Denix Pistol Replica. Civil War 1851 Navy Revolver Pistol Replica. 13 overall. 7 1/2" antique finish barrel with engraved scroll design artwork. The frame and cylinder are also engraved with scroll and sailing ships artwork. Checkered ivory grips."
Denix Replicas Colt 45 Peacemaker PistolDenix Replicas Colt 45 Peacemaker Pistol
Denix Colt 45 Peacemaker Replica. 10 1/2 overall. Antique gray gun metal finish barrel. Wood grips feature lone star.
Denix Flintlock Replica - 1031GDenix Flintlock Replica - 1031G
Denix Flintlock Replica. 15 overall. Wood stock with gray finish sculpted cast metal barrel and hammer. Sculpted cast metal pirate face on butt."
Denix 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle Replica 1030LDenix 1860 Henry Repeating Rifle Replica 1030L
Denix Rifle Replica. Old West Lever Action Repeating Rifle. 43 overall. 23" black finish barrel. Brass finish frame. Wood stock. Replica of the revolutionary rifle that was used in the Civil War and the American Frontier and has been featured in numerous Western Movies."
Denix Napoleon Flintlock Replica - 1026Denix Napoleon Flintlock Replica - 1026
Denix Flintlock Napoleon Double Barrel Replica. 14 1/4 overall. Polished hardwood stock with antique finished zinc cast metal fittings and barrel."
Denix 1896 Automatic Broom Handle - 1024Denix 1896 Automatic Broom Handle - 1024
Denix Pistol Replica. 1896 Automatic Broom Handle Pistol Replica. 11 1/2 overall. Antique finish barrel and trim. Grooved brown Delrin strips."
Denix Baby Philadelphia Derringer - 1018GDenix Baby Philadelphia Derringer - 1018G
Denix Baby Philadelphia Derringer. 6 3/4 overall. 3" barrel. Wood stock with nickel silver barrel, fittings and trim. Working percussion firing mechanism. This is the style of single shot derringer John Wilkes Booth used to assassinate President Lincoln on April 14, 1865."
Denix Italian Dueling Pistols - 1013Denix Italian Dueling Pistols - 1013
Denix Italian Percussion Dueling Pistols. Set of two. Each measures 15 overall. Wood handle with 9" pewter finish barrel. The Percussion Lock was a great improvement over the flintlock as it was less susceptible to weather-related misfires. The original of this pistol was made in Brescia, Italy in about 1825. This non-firing version is accurately detailed and shows typical Italian craftsmanship. Gift boxed."
Denix Pirate Pistol Replica - 1012Denix Pirate Pistol Replica - 1012
Denix Pistol Replica. Pirate Flintlock replica. 13 3/4 overall. Wood stock with antique iron finish cast metal barrel and fittings."
Denix Lewis & Clark Napoleonic - DX1011Denix Lewis & Clark Napoleonic - DX1011
Denix Lewis & Clark Replica. Napoleonic Cavalry Pistol Replica. 13 1/2 overall. Wood stock with antique gray finish barrel and hammer. Brass trim."
Denix Model 1869 45 Caliber Replica - 1008NDenix Model 1869 45 Caliber Replica - 1008N
Denix Model Replica. 1869 .45 Caliber Schofield Single Action. 13 1/4 overall. Unique break-open action. Wood grips. Nickel silver finish."
Denix Model 1869 45 Caliber Replica - 1008LDenix Model 1869 45 Caliber Replica - 1008L
Denix Model Replica. 1869 .45 Caliber Schofield single action replica. 13 1/4 overall. Unique break-open action. Wood grips. Antique brass and blued finish."
Denix M1861 Colt Navy Revolver 1007/LDenix M1861 Colt Navy Revolver 1007/L
Denix Colt Revolver Replica. 1861 Navy revolver replica. 13 5/8 overall. Antique brass and blued finish. Wood grips.
Denix Billy The Kid Boxed Set - 1007ADenix Billy The Kid Boxed Set - 1007A
Denix Billy The Kid Boxed Set. Features a deluxe simulated gold engraved M1873 fast draw pistol, a reproduction Wanted poster offering a $500 reward for this famous gunslinger dead or alive and a brass deluxe engraved Marshal's badge. Comes with a hand-made wood box with walnut finish and hidden hinges.
Denix Bull Whip - 010Denix Bull Whip - 010
Denix Bullwhip. 109 overall. Brown top grain Spanish leather braided whip with hanging strap. Replaceable cord "cracker". Bulk packed. Made in Spain."
Denix Bull Whip - 004Denix Bull Whip - 004
Denix Bull Whip. Black top grain Spanish leather braided whip with hang strap. Replaceable cord cracker". 70" overall. Bulk packed."
Denix Civil War Union Enlisted - BRK-DX04
Denix Civil War Rectangular Buckle - BRK-DX05
Denix Early American Bowie - BRK-DX101
Denix 1825 Italian Percussion Pistol - BRK-DX1013G
Denix 1896 C96 Mauser Pistol - BRK-DX1025
Denix 357 Magnum - BRK-DX1050
Denix 357 Magnum Zombie Killer - BRK-DX1050N
Denix Russian AK-47 Replica - BRK-DX1086
Denix 18th Century Pirate Flintlock - BRK-DX1103G
Denix German WWII Submachine - BRK-DX1111
Denix Webly British Revolver - BRK-DX1119
Denix STG 44 with Sling Replica - BRK-DX1125C
Denix 1859 Sharps Carbine - BRK-DX1142G
Denix German Luger Parabellum P-08 - BRK-DX1143
Denix 1873 Western Frontier Pistol - BRK-DX1150G
Denix Russian Flintlock Pistol - BRK-DX1238
Denix Buntline Special 45 Caliber - BRK-DX1303
Denix Classic M1873 Fast Draw - BRK-DX1501
Denix Miniature Tomahawk Peacepipe - BRK-DX203
Denix Miniature Tomahawk Peacepipe - BRK-DX204
Denix Bearded Battle Hatchet - BRK-DX310F
Denix Civil War Confederate Bowie - BRK-DX318
Denix Pirate Sword - BRK-DX4200
Denix Cvil War Confederate Cannon - BRK-DX491
Denix Civil War Miniature Limber - BRK-DX492
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