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Dark Ops knives

Dark Ops Holdings are a company who deal with outdoor gear and sporting goods. The provide a range of knives and also rifle scopes which are all superb quality and gaining plenty of positive reviews. They make the counter sniper optics range, the dark operations fighting knives and the hellfighter tactical lighting products. They manufacture and distribute high quality US made products for the law enforcement and military community and enthusiasts. Their riflescopes are some of the very best optical weapon sighting systems that also include their IR (Infra Red) laser aiming systems from CQB through to long range sniping and also for competition use. Wonderfully, their CMOG Titnium Line is the online tactical riflescope in the world to enjoy a wholly unconditional lifetime warranty – so if it is bomb damaged or bullet damaged they will repair it or replace it – hows that for confidence in their own products! The CounterSniper Military Optical Gunsights Corp has their headquarters in Rochester NY. If you want the best, choose Dark Ops for knives, riflescopes and more. You wont be disappointed.
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