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Cyclops flashlights

Cyclops Solutions are a company who deal with everything related to lighting and were founded in 1999. They produce a range of lighting solutions for a number of different needs and requirements. They have even branched out into the R3 stainless steel bottle range to complement their ever growing product line. In addition to this they also offer utility lights, flash lights, spot lights, gear lights and Cyclops headlamps. For the outdoorsman who absolutely must have a quality product to back up their efforts, a Cyclops solutions light will do the job as good as any other, if not better. For anyone who works in the bush or away from home, their range of LED cap lights, or rechargeable HID lights or simple handheld lights will meet their expectations. Take a look at the items below and consider a portable light until as part of your requirements whenever you decide to plan a trip away from home. Ensure Cyclops is by your side.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Cyclops Tilt 5 LED Hat Clip Light CYC-HCDT-WGNXTCyclops Tilt 5 LED Hat Clip Light CYC-HCDT-WGNXT
Cyclops Micro Mini LED Hat Clip Light - CYC07791Cyclops Micro Mini LED Hat Clip Light - CYC07791
Fitting easily in the palm of your hand is this, the Cyclops Micro LED cap or hat light, model number CYC07791. This tiny sized light attaches to your cap tightly and snugly and a single button switches it on.
Cyclops Thor Colossus Spotlight - CYC07248Cyclops Thor Colossus Spotlight - CYC07248
Cyclops Halogen Spotlight 1400 Lumen - BRK-CYC01250
Cyclops Rechargeable LED Spotlight - BRK-CYC01256
Cyclops Tactical Flashlight 300 Lumen - BRK-CYC01295
Cyclops Led Flashlight 700 Lumen - BRK-CYC01342
Cyclops Micro Hat Clip Light - BRK-CYC07793
Cyclops Micro Hat Clip Light 2 Pack - BRK-CYC08257
Cyclops Ranger X-Power Headlamp - BRK-CYC08547
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