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Cuma Ram self defense

Cuma-Ram, Inc. with the slogan of “Tactical To Practical” started out as a dream which grew and grew until the company was formed by the combined efforts by the various founders, namely Master Waysun “Johnny” Tsai, Doug Murdaugh and also Matt Murland. Between them, they have evolved the company into one of the premier tactical pen manufacturers around the world and also offer self-defense and tactical training in a 6000 square foot section of their 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tinley Park, IL. Within the facility there is a private boxing club, private training rooms and a group training section suitable for seminars also. This is one company who truly believe in their products. They go to extreme lengths to make sure that people can use their products to ensure satisfaction is assured. While they offer mainly tactical pens they have also developed a CUMA Evolution tactical knife, a design by Waysun “Johnny” Tsai and even a wheel slicing edge sharpening system that fits any ½ shaft bench grinder. Find out why people swarm to Cuma Ram, those in the know choose the best and we are more than happy to showcase their products here at hand-tools.com as shown below.
Part DescriptionQuantity Avail.Price
Cuma Ram Sharpening System - CW1Cuma Ram Sharpening System - CW1
Charlie's Wheel Slicing Edge Sharpening System. Contains sharpening wheel and polishing wheel made to fit any 1/2 shaft bench grinder. Use these wheels to put a professional quality, razor sharp, burr-free edge on your cutlery. Each 8" x 3/4" wheel will sharpen 300-400 knives before requiring reconditioning. Includes one CW-2. Easy to use. Grinder not included."
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