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Cripple Creek knives

Cripple Creek knives existed in 1981 when Bob Cargill made true custom knives and then set up the company a few years later. He realised there was a need for top quality knives to come about but in limited numbers of around 200 at a time. He generally made them for various clubs and organizations, and hence that is why a lot of them are etched. Although not truly custom knives, due to their extremely limited edition runs, they are considered by many to be custom knives. Bob actually made most of the knife components for all the knives in his own workshop whether custom knives or Cripple Creek knives. He would buy the custom materials as cutlery sheet steel, high carbon or stainless for the blades and even all of the backsprings would be hand cut using a bandsaw. Even the liners, bolsters and handle would be made by hand. Over the years all of this work took its toll on his body and left him riddles with RSI injuries meaning he had to call it a day. Find out for yourself why people loved the work of Cripple Creek knives.
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