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Condor Tool and Knife

The Condor Tool & Knife company stretches back in history as far back as 1787 when the GERB WEYESBERG company was founded in Solingen, Germany (known for its Solingen steel). This became known as the capital of the world for fine steel, quality knives and swords. In 1964 the company formed Imacasa with a German filled plant based in Santa Ana, El Salvador. Even some of the employees from over 40 years ago who were sent to Solingen for training are still with the company today developing some of the finest knives, machetes and other hand tools. Imacasa developed the Condor Tool & Knife brand in 2004 to produce some of the finest knives and tools for the North American and European markets. Here at hand-tools.com we are proud to be able to bring these impressive brand names to you. Please browse the extremely high quality range as show below. This is one company we are extremely excited about.
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