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Combat Elite knives

The combat elite knives, are from the Combat Elite, Inc. company who are a division of the Wilson tactical company who are based in Berryville, Arkansas. Wilson Tactical have always been guided by the need for extreme quality and this is what has helped to establish the brand as a world leader. These knives are demanded by some of the most demanding professionals within the armed forces. Their combat elite knives are designed to perform under the harshest of environments, often in life or death situations, so they simply need to be the best. Such features include things like Armor-Tuff coating, Rapid response opening, high quality lanyards and Kydex multi-carry sheath systems. Sometimes in life the only real thing you need to think about is quality. When cost is not the primary motive for finding a world class knife, experts turn to a Combat Elite knife, time and time again. Please browse our combat elite knives below.
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