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Colt knives

An unknown seaman over 160 years ago on his way to Calcutta, carved from a block of wood, a simple revolver which was destined to be become the worlds most famous revolver. The mans name was Samuel Colt and from that block of wood came the idea for the modern firearms of today. Samuel was a genius, a planner and a day dreamer all in one. He was known worldwide for his talent and he would not be happy until he reached the pinnacle of his chosen field. His own deeds and the life he lived have immortalized him, and the products that still bear his name are a constant reminder and tribute to his dedication and hard work. As well as being a well known name for revolvers, Colt went on to be famous for manufacturing knives too. Samuel was very young, and disadvantaged because he was poor, but prevailed and against the odds, he became one of the marvels of individual American enterprise.
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