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Colonel Coon knives

Colonel Coon is a brand name which has quite a bit of interesting history about it when it comes to knives and knife making. This name dates back to the early 1960s when a man going by the name of Adrian A. Harris began making fixed blade knives in his spare time purely as a hobby. It was something he enjoyed so much it followed him through his entire life. This hobby soon turned into a passion and was all he wanted to do. In 1976 he won the accolade of being the only authorized repairman in the whole of the U.S. For the Schrade company. Yet, just a couple of months later this went even further and he then became the only authorized repairman for Kissing Crane and also J.A. Henckels, also in the U.S. As a result of all this he went on to set up the Tennessee Knife Works Inc. company, based in his home town of Columbia, Tennessee and he revisited his age old passion and hobby where he started to create his own brand of knives known as Colonel Coon knives. The exquisite beauty of these knives was that they were all hand made, and bench made, the traditional old style of manufacturing. Customers loved this and it quickly grew into an incredibly popular brand name. In the year 1980, Adrian A. Harris developed a chemical milling process which custom etched the blades, as well as developing an ingenious hinged paper box for the packaging, and this paper box is still being used today. This combination of a hinged paper box and a custom etching forged the custom commemorative knife trend. In later years, Adrian decided to sell up and retire. He sold the manufacturing process to the world famous W.R. Case & Sons knife company. The latest Colonel Coon knives are now factory manufactured to very high standards, thanks to improvements in manufacturing processes over recent years. They are now made under licence by SMKW in the queen factory. Here at hand-tools.com we are proud to be able to offer you these knives.
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